Monday, August 23, 2010

Hollow promises

Sometimes an idea comes along, influenced and inspired from unexpected places. Usually they fall by the wayside, put in the 'too hard', 'too expensive', 'not enough time' basket.
Sometimes you've just got to say "f#ck it" and see what happens.

Here is a little story of grand ideas and wishful thinking almost almost succeeding....

The concept: Make a hollow molded board, reducing production time, trying new processes and making a fun summer ride.

The master board is a 5'8" x 22" x 23/4" mini simmons design. There are several reasons for this: 1. The rail thickness allows enough area to join two halves. 2. The shape and positioning of the fins allow mould release. 3. For this particular idea the concave panel is mirrored on the deck to give structure.

Board sprayed with polyester mould primer, then given a hell of a polish. Looking very stealth!

Make a centre line around the board, this where the two halves will join. Using an old door to build a flange template (flange, such a weird word).

Gel coat then lots of layer of chop strand matt

Heres the flange in all is glory! Now to make the bottom half.

After sitting in its fibreglass tomb for two weeks the mould was opened revealing two halves, fins 'n' all!

Laminating the bottom, the test board was to be clear so I could see what was going on inside. Templating the foam core to fit inside the concave.

After bonding the foam with a sophisticated press the foam was then trimmed to deck height with a hot cheese wire.

The two halves freshly popped out. Hollow glass on fins. At this point everything was feeling pretty flexy.

With a swell on the way the two halves were joined with hopes of a test drive.......... but it was not to be :(
The two halves fitted perfectly but the area between the foam panel and the rail was too weak. You win some, you lose some and learn a lot in between.
Next step sandwiches and vacuums.

To be continued.............................


  1. Four legs on it and it would make a great coffee table me thinks. Prob sell it to a nice furniture shop in Shoreditch for a grand.

  2. This is mad. Love it. Keep up the hard work.